FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What counts as timebanking?
Timebanking can be anything! It could be helping someone solve a crossword puzzle, or having a conversation or going on a walk with them. It could be painting a picture for them or going out to the cinema with them. It could be cleaning their kitchen cupboards or taking their cat to the vet. And you could have these things done for you as well!

Do you have to pay for it? Will I get any payment for doing it?
No money changes hands in Timebanking.

Part of the point of timebanking is to change the way we think about what we already do. We are not "selling" or "buying" anything. We all have skills that we probably take for granted. Perhaps it would never occur to us that other people might need these skills, or that they would be grateful for their use. But everyone needs something.

How does it affect benefits?
The department of Work and Pensions does not count Timebanking as work, so it will have no effect on any benefits you are entitled to if you are currently looking for work.

Does it actually work?
Yes! We've managed to connect people already here in Fife. There are also Timebanks across the world. Some examples elsewhere in Scotland include Portobello, Blairgowrie and Rattray, and Brought Ferry.

Is it safe?
Yes. The Timebank Coordinator oversees all interactions and makes sure that Timebankers meet each other properly before any Timebanking exchanges take place.

Timebanking involves a wide range of skills and activities