Where does it happen?

TimeBanking takes place across the world. It started in the United States by a lawyer and speech writer for the Kennedy family, Edgar Cahn. Edgar wanted to find a way of people helping each other that didn't involve money and valued everybody equally in a community.

There are hundreds of Timebanks in the UK, independently run and managed locally. Here in Fife, Timebanking is new, established by Fife Voluntary Action in 2018.

The first Timebanks in Fife were established in Kennoway and Buckhaven.

New Timebanks will emerge across Fife where there is a demand.

The Timebanking activity undertaken by members takes place in their own community - helping each other out. Timebanking can work in any community, it just needs a few members to get started.

Edgar Cahn wrote the following in "Priceless Money - Banking Time for Changing Times":
"The invisible core economy

We human beings have created two economic systems.

In the first, money drives the activity. The monetary economy has two major components: the private sector and the public purpose economy that includes government, philanthropy and non-profits. This is what the economists measure and what officials look at. This is what we usually think of when we think of economics.

The second economy consists of family, neighbourhood, community and civil society. It is not primarily driven by money. It runs on a thin stream of money but it is primarily powered by our minds, our hearts. It runs on psychological energy: love and kindness, caring and compassion, encouragement and moral duty. And for some, we need to add guilt, and anger and shame. But it does run - and money is not the primary fuel. "

Timebanking is about expanding the community, helping people to make new connections and use their abilities for others, themselves and their families and friends.