Who is it for?


People of all ages, abilities, faiths and backgrounds can take part in, and benefit from, Timebanking. It works on the principle that everyone has some talent, skill, hobby or interest that would be useful to another person.

By helping others you can:
  • Meet new friends
  • Get satisfaction from helping people
  • Be rewarded by others helping you
  • Do the things you enjoy doing when it suits you.

One of the best things about TimeBanking is the flexibility of the help you can receive, or the support you can offer to others.

This means that tasks which you may find unmanageable could be done by a members of your local TimeBank.

Timebanking is good for your community too! By being part of your local TimeBank you can get great satisfaction from helping in your community. It will help bring your community closer together and result in lots of benefits over time.

Timebanking involves a wide range of skills and activities